Looking for Singapore Office Cleaning Services? The ideal office space is one which is clean and free from accumulation of bacteria or dirt. Many small businesses in Singapore have a strict policy when it comes to cleaning and only the highest standards are followed to ensure that the workplace is clean and tidy at all times.

A clean workspace means that workers will remain healthy and that would lead to fewer sick leaves and higher productivity of the workforce, therefore, it is necessary for the best quality of cleaning to be done. Employees spend majority of their day at work making it important for the workplace to remain clean at all times so as to motivate employees to do their work more effectively and efficiently.

Singapore is known for being a clean space and businesses are continuing to strive to become clean places for their employees to work effectively and in order for them to increase their productivity. A clean workplace is a productive one. All businesses ensure that the workspace is clean, even small business. It is important for a business organization to remain clean at all times to instill a good image of the business to anyone who visits the office.


It is important to inspect the workplace to better prepare the cleaning plan in order to conduct the cleaning more effectively and efficiently. Once the entire office has been inspected, it will be easier to understand the type of cleaning work which would be required in different parts of the office space.

Different spaces or rooms require various cleaning to be done such as the toilets which need a more deep clean in order to ensure that sanitation is good and that the toilet remains in good condition throughout the day. It is one of the places which require cleaning after every few minutes. Even though, the workforce of a small business in education might be less, the toilet is one of the places which require the most cleaning to ensure that the space smells pleasant.

Only after inspection has been done, can preparation be done to ensure that the proper cleaning needs have been communicated with the cleaning company to provide cleaning services as requested.

Some spaces need proper equipment or wear to clean and the equipment as well as tools need to be checked to ensure if they are sufficient to clean the space. Use signs to divert any employees heading towards the place to protect them from slipping due to mopping.


One of the most common things that occur at work are stains or spills on the carpets, which necessitates the need to have them removed in the best to minimize any chances of the stains or spills remaining on the carpet even after cleaning has been done.

Check the color of the carpet and that of the stain. Then remove any obstacles that are in the way of removing stains or spills on the carpet. Spray the carpet with carpet cleaner and clear the spill using absorbent paper. Next, just spray water and use a cloth to easily blot it until the stain or spill has been removed.


One important tip that needs to be remembered is to vacuum the carpeted area from the far end section when starting. Next, check if there any more stains or spills which are left. Just place all the furniture back in its place. After, just dilute cleaning chemical into a spray bottle and spray the solution on a cloth to wipe all the horizontal surfaces from the edge. Finally, just rinse the cloth as necessary.

Vacuuming of surfaces is important to ensure that there is no dust or dirt on the surface of the ground. Always vacuum a space regularly for maximum benefits.


The pantry is the place where all the employees eat and spend their time, making it the infesting ground for bacteria due to the food particles in the room.

It is important to place a safety sign before cleaning the pantry to ensure that no one comes to the pantry when it is being cleaned. Spray the cleaning solution onto stains or spills on the floor. Next, just clear the stains or spills with an absorbent paper. After this, spray some water and use a simple cloth to have the stains or spills removed.

Fill water as well as the mopping solution into the bucket and dip the mop into the solution and start to wring. Now, just mop the floor from section to section. Finally, after the mopping has been done for one section, just rinse the mop and move on the next section.


Emptying the garbage bins is one of the most important tasks which need to be done on a daily basis after intervals.

The tip is to tie and remove the used bin liner, just try to keep one’s body as far away as possible. Next, dispose it in the service trolley. As it has been disposed, clean the exterior as well as the interior of the garbage bin with a sanitizer to clean it properly. Just, place the bin in the new liner.

Garbage bins need to be cleared on a daily basis as they can easily become a filth in a short period of time. Now after all the steps have been taken, just remove the safety signs and have the tools or equipment returned. One needs to ensure, that their hands are cleaned thoroughly are performing any of the tasks and completing them as well.


There are various methods to selecting a good office cleaning company in Singapore. Whatever method you choose, it is important to keep quality in mind rather than the cost.
A good Singapore cleaning company will follow strict ethical standards and foster good relations with their client. Their cleaning staff is trustworthy and willing to take care of your office space.
You can also read more about guidelines for Singapore NEA cleaning procedures here.

If you want the business to remain clean and in good condition, consider Singapore Office Cleaning Services from Day&Night Services. The office environment will be as neat as ever and your employees will be thankful for the decision that you made.

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