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Last Updated on November 03, 2021

General Terms

Day&Night Service Pte. Ltd. (“Day&Night Services”) operates and manages an established company offering comprehensive cleaning services, which a customer (“Customer”) can book by submitting a request at https://www.dnsgroup.com.sg/ (the “Website”).

After booking our services, Day&Night Services will issue an invoice to the Customer, wherein the assigned Payment Agent will collect the payment due for the Booked Services from the Customer once the invoice has been issued.

By accessing and booking the services of Day&Night Services, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms contained in the Terms & Conditions outlined below. These terms apply to the entire website, email, or other types of communication between you and Day&Night Services.

THEREFORE, you and Day&Night Services agree to the Terms & Conditions as follows:


1. Definitions

1.1. “The Company” – means Day&Night Services

1.2. “Cleaner” – refers to the person or term carrying out the cleaning services on behalf of The Company

1.3. “Customer” – means the person, firm, or corporate body that has hired our services

1.4. “Service” – refers to the specific cleaning services booked by the client and carried out by the Cleaner

1.5. “Scope of Work” – refers to the limitations at which a Service is executed by the Cleaner/s of The Company

1.6. “Customer Premises”– means any and all premises owned or controlled by the Customer at which the parties expressly agree the Cleaner shall provide the Service. 

1.7. “Effective Date” – means the date of the Service Execution


2. Contract

These Terms & Conditions represent a direct contract between Day&Night Services and the Customer.

2.1. In Booking a Service with Day&Night Services, by placing an order for a Service via phone, email or website, the Customer demonstrates the acceptance to these Terms & Conditions.
2.2. Unless otherwise mentioned or agreed upon in writing, these Terms & Conditions shall prevail over other terms of the businesses or booking conditions put forward by the Customer.
2.3. No alteration or validation of these Terms & Conditions shall be accepted or valid unless approved in writing by the Company’s director or managing partner.


3. Booking a Service

To Book a Service from Day&Night Services, the Customer will be required to fill out an online form, including the following personal information: Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Company Name.

3.1. Any and all information shared via website, email, or phone shall be kept confidential between the Company and the Customer.
3.2. Upon submitting a booking request, personnel from the Company shall contact the Customer for validation.
3.3. A Service is booked if and only if an agreement has been reached between the Company and the Customer with regards to the Service, Effective Date, Customer Premises, and Scope of Work.


4. Payment

By the time the Service has been booked, a Payment Agent will collect the payment before the Service is rendered.

4.1. Upon successful Booking of Service, an invoice will be issued to the Customer.
4.2. Depending on the Service booked, the Payment scheme may vary.
4.3. The Customer is expected to pay the full amount on or before the Service is rendered. The deadline for payment is subject to the approval of the Company.


5. Equipment

The cleaning materials will be provided by the Company unless otherwise stated. For House Cleaning Services, the Company will use solutions and equipment provided by the Customer, provided that they are safe to use and operate, are in full working order, and do not require special skills to accomplish the purpose of cleaning.

5.1. Should the Customer require the Cleaner to use their own materials and equipment such as vacuum cleaners, the Company will not accept any liability should an issue arise with the equipment or the outcome after using it.


6. Cleaning Process

Day&Night Services offers a personalised Cleaning Process that takes into consideration the Customer’s Premises and Effective Dates.

6.1. The Company understands that each Customer Premise has unique characteristics and special demands. As such, the Company will customise the Cleaning Process to meet the needs of the space and the Customer.
6.2. However, before the Service is rendered, the Customer must allow the Cleaner and other Company personnel to conduct property inspections.
6.3. For special requirements, the Company may request the Customer to prepare their Customer Premises by removing valuable items from view to prevent potential damages and accidents.


7. Cancellation

7.1 The Customer agrees to pay the full price of the Cleaning Service, if:

a. The Customer cancels or changes the Effective Date and time of the Service within 24 hours before the scheduled appointment;
b. The Customer fails to provide access to the Customer Premises, thus preventing the Cleaner to carry out the booked Service;

7.2. If the Customer decides to amend the Effective Date and Time for the Service, the Company will try to accommodate the request. However, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is mandatory. Note: The Company cannot guarantee the same operations will be available on a new Effective Date the Customer requires. Any and all changes in the cleaning Service or schedule are subject to the Company’s availability.
7.3. The Company operates any day of the week, including but not limited to holidays and weekends. Cancellations during special days without a 24-hour prior notice will result in full payment by the Customer.


8. Termination

For a long-term partnership between the Company and the Customer, termination of the contract is applicable if the Customer provides a 30-day notice via written note once the initial term has expired.

8.1. In instances where the Customer wishes to terminate the contract within the initial term, the Customer is required to pay the full amount, including the outstanding balance for the contract term.


9. Liability

Day&Night Services will not be responsible for any outcome that may occur after the cleaning session is finished. Additionally, we reserve the right to change the prices of our services and revise the resources usage policy at any moment.

9.1. The Company will not be liable to the Customer for any loss in profits or savings.
9.2. The Company will not be liable to the Customer for any loss in contracts, business, or other opportunities.
9.3. The Company will not be liable to the Customer for any consequential or indirect loss or damage in the property after the Service is rendered.


10. Contact Information

For more information or clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email: sales@dnsgroup.com.sg
Phone Number: +65 68344468
Website: https://www.dnsgroup.com.sg/
Address: 6 New Industrial Road, #05-01, Singapore 536199

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