Restaurant Cleaning Services

Whether you run a hotel, commercial kitchen, or restaurant, cleanliness is of utmost importance. Apart from general cleaning, you also need to consider implementing proper sanitation and hygiene in the workplace to ensure that operations run safely and smoothly.

Ensure a safe and clean environment for your customers with Day&Night Services. We take extra efforts to provide deep cleaning. From the kitchen equipment to the floor, we have specialised knowledge and skills to implement proper sanitation and hygiene in the workplace. In doing so, we can effectively prevent pests and bacteria from emerging.

Kitchen cleaning services requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Apart from dust, dirt, and bacteria build-up, there are also grease, food waste, and stubborn stains requiring more thorough treatment.

To ensure that your restaurant and its corporate kitchen is at an optimal level to operate safely and smoothly, we offer the following restaurant cleaning services:

General Cleaning Services

We understand that running restaurant kitchens can be hectic, so we offer general cleaning services to handle your basic cleaning needs. This includes cleaning the thrush, organising the seating, daily vacuuming, sanitising the washroom, cleaning doors and windows, and dusting the decorations.

We want to ensure that your restaurant is spotless and presentable enough for your guests through our general cleaning services.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Services

Besides kitchenware and utensils, the kitchen floors are another important aspect of the commercial kitchen.

In a restaurant setting, you make use of several cooking equipment regularly. As you continue to use them over time, they tend to collect grease and layers of food particles. When left unattended for long periods, they can be stubborn and difficult to remove.

If you find that this is also an issue for you, don’t worry. Our team of professional cleaners are equipped with the proper tools and solutions to clean all your equipment, from your gas stoves, ovens, fryers, grillers, blenders, and chillers to your exhaust and ventilation systems. What’s more, our kitchen appliance cleaning service makes use of only eco-friendly cleaning products, so you can rest assured that they’re safe and sustainable to use.

Kitchen Floor Cleaning Services

Besides kitchenware and utensils, the kitchen floors are another important aspect of the commercial kitchen.

With so much activity in the kitchen, the floors can collect grease and food particles over time. When left unattended, it may lead to kitchen accidents and unwanted disasters.

The built-up of dirt and dust over time will make it more challenging to clean, especially the grout. Scrubbing too hard or using the wrong brush will damage the group and weaken the tiles. Therefore, special grout brushes and effective grout cleaner are required to make your tiles and grout clean.

As such, to get the best results and keep your floors well-maintained, it is necessary to engage professional kitchen cleaning services.

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