Pest Control Services

NEA Certified Pest Control Company in Singapore

As an NEA-certified Vector Control Operator, we make sure to provide only quality, safe, and efficient treatments for all our clients. Regardless of the pest problem you have, Day&Night Services has the perfect solution to address them.

Our Pest Control Solutions

We have a wide range of solutions to help manage and control pest problems for both household and commercial space.

ants Ants Control
bed bugs Bed Bugs Control
cockroaches Cockroaches Management
flies Flies Control
mosquitos Mosquito Management
rats Rats & Rodents
termites Termite Management
wasp Wasps & Hornets

Why Choose Us for Pest Management

If you suspect that you have one or more of these pests lurking on your property, it is best to immediately take action against them by getting our pest control services immediately. Our highly trained pest removal experts will ensure that your home or office is pest-free.

  • Reduce the Risk of Illnesses and Diseases
    Pests are carriers of diseases and can transmit them in multiple ways, including bites and excretions. On the one hand, mosquitoes carry diseases such as malaria, asthma, and dengue. On the other hand, rodents have been linked to the spread of Leptospirosis, a deadly blood infection disease.
  • Ensure Proper Pest Removal and Control
    Another benefit to hiring our services is you don’t have to worry about recurring infestations. All our treatments and products follow ISO standards to ensure that you receive only the best results. That said, they’re safe and efficient to give you peace of mind and live and work comfortably.
  • Enjoy Long-lasting Protection from Pests
    After applying the necessary treatment; we will continue to monitor the situation and employ further methods should we find the need to. Our goal is to eradicate all traces of pests completely so you can return to your usual routine.

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EQA IMS ISO 45001 2018
EQA IMS ISO 45001 2015
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