Landscaping and Gardening Services

Enhance the look of your residential and commercial buildings with Day&Night’s landscaping and gardening services. We have highly trained personnel who have the knowledge and experience to keep your lawns and gardens well-maintained.A well-managed landscape will help improve and strengthen the image of your business. In addition, a well-maintained landscape will help ease your employees’ stress when working in a fresh and clean environment.

Landscaping Services We Offer

As a Singapore landscaping company, we know the additional value landscaping will add to your business. Here are some of the gardening and landscaping services that we can offer:

    • General Bed Maintenance. We can maintain the grass of your lawn to keep it green and trimmed all year long. Our general bed maintenance and detailing services will include:
      • Weeding
      • Debris and trash removal
      • Removal of spent blooms
      • Removal of dead or browning leaves and branches

      General bed maintenance is a must-have service if you want to maintain the curbside appeal of your office or business establishment all year round. 

    • Pruning and Hedging. We also offer pruning and hedging services. Pruning and hedging are important to maintain the health and shape of your perennial plants. Pruning will also promote better growth for your perennial plants, especially if they are pruned at the optimum time. For example, certain plants to be pruned during their blooming season to keep them looking their best and encourage new flower growth.  


    • Plant Care. We have personnel who are experts when it comes to plants and how to care for them. Different plants feed on the nutrients of the soil differently. Some plants are “heavy feeders” and require a lot of nutrients. We will know which plants are heavy feeders and know the best places to plant them within your landscape. Likewise, we can also determine which plants or plant combinations to put into your landscape to act as natural pest prevention measures. For example, we can add citronella to your landscape. Citronella has a pleasing lemony scent that can repel mosquitoes. 


  • Irrigation System. We can also set up an irrigation system that can automatically start and shut down so that your landscape and plants get the proper amount of water. We can also determine which plants will need more water and sunlight and arrange them in the right areas within your landscape. 

Why Choose Us for Landscaping and Gardening Services

As one of the leading landscaping and gardening companies in Singapore, we only use environmentally friendly materials for our garden maintenance. Likewise, we only use organic chemicals for handling your gardens to safeguard the health of all living organisms within the area.

At Day&Night Services, we provide landscaping services throughout Singapore. From weeding to keeping your lawn and gardens neat, no job is too large or too small for us to handle under the care of our very own ISA Certified Arborist, Mr. Andrew Nah. Do get in touch with us today for your landscaping needs!

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