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Keep a clean, safe, and secure working environment at your industrial facilities in Singapore when you partner with Day&Night Services. We understand the unique requirements different industry requires, hence we customized our industrial cleaning services to meet the requirements of every building and business.

Industrial cleaning involves cleaning hazardous areas such as factories, warehouses, power plants, and other types of industrial facilities.

Our industrial cleaners have undergone job training and safety knowledge. We also utilise special equipment as well as specific chemicals and acids to ensure that every piece of equipment is properly cleaned to boost efficiency and extend its lifespan.

Why Do You Need Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is essential for businesses that own factories or manufacturing establishments. Since industrial spaces involve machinery and heavy-duty production, it’s important to keep the place in the most optimal condition to ensure work efficiency and employee safety. This is where industrial cleaning comes in.

Unlike commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning is larger in scale and requires more technical knowledge. Because of the machinery housed in industrial spaces, the cleaning approach requires more in-depth knowledge and expertise on proper equipment handling and chemical solutions to provide the most efficient solution. That’s why our team of experts uses specific tools and techniques to clean an industrial space safely and effectively.

Professional Industrial Cleaning Company Ensures Safely

Factories, not only house machinery and products but also has workers. If your product requires the use of chemicals during production, you should make sure that waste products are managed properly. To ensure the safety of your workers, these chemical wastes should be handled by a professional cleaning company specializing in industrial cleaning.

A professional industrial cleaning company will provide trained staff and the necessary equipment needed in cleaning and moving the machinery and chemicals.

Keep Your Storage Area with Industrial Cleaning Services

Like factories, warehouses are industrial buildings as well. They’re used for the storage of different products depending on the nature of the business. These storage areas should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that whatever is stored in them will not go to waste. If you’re storing dry metal goods, keeping the area free from any moisture to prevent corrosion is of utmost importance.

More importantly, if you’re storing food products, keeping the area clean is imperative to prevent any insects or pests from contaminating these food products.

Why Choose Day&Night Services for Industrial Cleaning Services?

What sets us apart from other industrial cleaning services is our commitment to serving our clients as best as possible. That said, we also offer customisable services to meet our clients’ needs. In other words, we are:

  • Flexible with the times, days etc. of every client
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in speciality cleaning.
  • Highly trained in chemical handling, working at heights and difficult areas.
  • Able to work around your operations and not be disruptive.

Day&Night’s cleaning services in industrial spaces are also focused on hygiene standards to protect the health and safety of you and your employees.

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