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Keep your home clean when you hire home cleaning services from Day&Night Services. We are aware that homeowners take pride in their homes. That is why we offer comprehensive household cleaning services at regular intervals to ensure that all corners of your home are spick and span.

Our Job Scope for Home Cleaning

We understand that you have a busy schedule and much rather spend your time doing what you want rather than worrying about regular house chores. As a professional home cleaning services company, we will follow the most convenient schedule for you. That said, we make it a point to be as flexible as possible. For this reason, we want to lift the weight off your shoulders and offer our expert cleaning services, which include:

  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and floor mopping
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Ironing and folding clothing
  • Rooms and kitchen cleaning
  • Rubbish bin disposal
  • Window cleaning
  • Wiping the stove

Why Engage Us for House Cleaning Services

Beyond the convenience that we offer, there are other several benefits to hiring home cleaning professionals to do the deep cleaning. These include:

  • Expert Deep Clean
    Our professional residential cleaning company has a lot of experience and expertise in deep cleaning. As a result, we are equipped with the knowledge and skill to guarantee expert deep clean, leaving no nook and cranny unchecked from the methods we employ to the chemicals and solutions we use.
  • Remove Allergens
    One of the benefits of deep cleaning is that it can eliminate the harmful allergens caused by pollen and dust mites that may be lurking at your home. Allergens can cause respiratory illnesses to members of your household and may cause serious medical conditions to your family’s younger or older members.
  • Remove Pet Hair and Dirt
    If you have pets, some of their hair may have been already intertwined with carpet fibres, which cannot be removed by ordinary vacuuming. Carpet cleaning services have the expertise to remove these stubborn pet hairs. Carpet cleaners will also remove tiny stones or dirt that can cause abrasions to your carpet, causing them to wear prematurely.
  • Knowledge of Chemicals to Use
    When you hire professional home cleaning services, you do not have to experiment with what chemicals to use to remove stains. Instead, our cleaning company knows exactly what type of chemical to use for different cleaning tasks, from carpet cleaning to disinfecting. We make sure to use only safe ingredients, so you and your family will be protected from potential health problems caused by harmful solutions.
Day&Night Services know how important it is to keep your family members safe and healthy by providing them with a clean and tidy home. We also provide spring cleaning services to help with the household cleaning tasks that you find difficult to accomplish. Contact our staff to enquiry now.

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