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Create an optimal cleanroom environment in your manufacturing and research facilities with Day&Night Services. We offer one-on-one consultations to get a better understanding of what the requirements are. Once the details have been established, we schedule the appropriate treatment to address your needs. Our experienced team will execute thorough cleaning that meets your standards.

Why is it important to have your cleanroom professionally cleaned?

cleanroom cleaning and sterilization
A cleanroom is an artificially controlled area to prevent the presence of minuscule particulates such as dust, vapours, dirt, humidity, aerosol, and other foreign objects that can affect the quality of production or results of sensitive research.Though the purpose is clear, every cleanroom is different. For example, a cleanroom for an electronic circuits manufacturing company may have different standards from cleanrooms for a pharmaceutical company. Regardless, every cleanroom requires consistent cleaning services and maintenance.

Considerations When Cleaning Cleanrooms?

To propose a suitable solution for your cleanroom, our personnel will consider several factors. We determine the type of services you require depending on:

  • Size of the cleanroom
  • Type of materials and equipment stored
  • Convenient regular cleanroom cleaning schedule

No matter which industry you fall under, all cleanrooms need to have very minimal or no foreign particulates or impurities that can contaminate the production of sensitive components of your product or significantly affect outcomes of researches and experimentations.

With our cleaning services, we ensure that your cleanroom is aligned with industry standards so you can operate smoothly.

cleanroom cleaning and maintenanc

Why Choose Us for Cleanroom Cleaning and Disinfecting?

Different industries will have different requirements and standards for cleanrooms. Your industry will dictate the layout, the ISO rating, and the cleanliness requirements needed to meet industry standards and compliance.

Day&Night Services will ensure that your cleanroom is kept clean and disinfected at all times and will pass whatever standards your industry has set for it. Here are some of the reasons why you should engage us for cleanroom cleaning services.

We understand that cleaning and disinfection are two different things and that proper cleaning must come first before disinfection. Disinfecting a surface that is still dirty will negate the effects of the disinfectant.

We have highly trained personnel that understands the different industry standards for cleanrooms. Our personnel will identify the most appropriate cleaning and disinfecting agents that will work for the type of cleanroom that you have.

General Preventive Disinfection Disinfectant Compatibility Wide Spectrum of Activity
Non-ionic solutions will ensure that the wiped surfaces will not become ionized or charged to attract dust or other particulates. Likewise, we will only use neutral solutions to prevent corrosion or chemical damages to surfaces and equipment. We will also ensure that the detergent and disinfectant we will be using are compatible. We will also use disinfectants with a wide spectrum of activities and rapid actions against most if not all microorganisms, including the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

We know the intricacies of maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of cleanrooms according to their specific industry standards. Our team of trained and personnel know the right cleaning procedure and only use industry standards equipment to ensure that your cleanrooms are in their optimal conditions.

Day&Night Services is confident that we can give you the best cleanroom cleaning to meet your industry standards.

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