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If you have a carpeted office, chances are your floors are lined with carpet glue. These are solutions applied to carpets that contribute to the durability and lifespan of your commercial carpets. However, whether it’s a built-in adhesive or a separate application made with either a synthetic or acrylic rubber base, carpet glues can be difficult to get rid of.

Day&Night Services provide effective and eco-friendly solutions to remove persistent carpet glue on wooden and concrete floors. This way, you can rest assured that all residue is removed to create a clean and even base for your new floors.

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How Do We Remove Carpet Glue Residue?

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Because every carpet glue is different, we do a prior inspection to get the necessary insights and propose the ideal method. Our process includes:

  1. Identifying the type of flooring: Do you have concrete or wood flooring? Our first step is to find out what type of flooring you have, which will greatly influence the method’s effectiveness.
  2. Determining the type of glue used: After identifying the flooring, our expert cleaners will move on to evaluating the type of glue used. How long has the glue been in place? Is it made of asbestos, acrylic, or synthetic material? Once we’ve come up with a clear diagnosis, we can narrow down our proposed solution.

What Are the Different Carpet Glue Removal Methods?

Besides taking care of your floors, we also prioritise your health. For this reason, we use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents to ensure optimal efficiency and safe glue removal methods.

Depending on your particular circumstances, we can employ any of the following carpet glue residue removal techniques:

  • Scraping
    If the glue is very old and has dried up over time, chances are, it has started to loosen its grip on your concrete floors and break down. When this happens, we can employ scraping using a specialised tool. As the term suggests, we will scrape the broken-down glue residue until the floor is even once again.
  • Ironing
    For more stubborn residues wherein simple scraping won’t work, we will employ the method of ironing. We will heat up the glue residue using heating equipment to make them more malleable and therefore easier to remove. Once the glue has effectively softened, we will then scrape it to remove the glue from the floors.
  • Chemical Solution
    Another effective technique we use is to apply our biodegradable cleaning solution on the surface and brush it with a floor buffer to agitate the residue and effectively dissolve them from the floors. Unlike toxic chemical solutions like ammonia and detergent, our cleaning agents will only leave a fresh citrus scent after the cleaning process.
carpet glue residue removal services

Why Do I Need Carpet Glue Removal Services?

Removing old glue residue on your own is not only time-consuming but also exhausting. At the end of it, you might not even end with the results you want. So, by engaging Day&Night Services, you can save valuable time and effort while getting the best possible results.

With our certified technicians and state-of-the-art technologies, we can thoroughly remove carpet glue residue and give you satisfying results.

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