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Singapore loves to eat out. According to experts from SingHealth1, eating out gives Singaporeans more choice and convenience. In Statista’s 2018 survey2, 24% of Singapore respondents eat out daily, while 55% eat out weekly.

With so many people eating out or ordering food online, it is critical for facility managers to keep their commercial kitchens immaculate; especially because Salmonella, Norovirus and other nasty bacteria love to breed in all the nooks and crannies of prep areas2, including on heavily used equipment.

Day&Night Services in Singapore provides commercial grade kitchen cleaning. Our talented cleaning experts are friendly and serve businesses & organisations from every single industry. Regardless of whether you need to get daily cleaning done or you need deep cleaning each week, month, or quarter, the DNS group has you covered.

Keeping your kitchen clean is the number one priority. A clean kitchen is essential to providing a hygienic environment for food to be prepared, cooked, packed and served. You do not want to get into trouble with the authorities when customers get sick after consuming your food.

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services

Every staff in the kitchen is working hard. Every hour they have to deal with hot stoves, hot water and hot ovens. They prepare dish after dish, with timing and perfection. It’s a tough job, and without them, your restaurant or food and beverage business would not be possible.

Day&Night Service makes life easier for your staff by being in charge of the cleaning of the kitchen. Your kitchen staff will feel less stress at the end of the day by knowing that trained professionals will handle the clean up of their kitchen for them. Our professional kitchen cleaners will leave your kitchen sparkling clean and will come the morning ready for a whole new cooking day.

We wash, clean and disinfect all cooking surfaces. We wipe away grease and dispose of waste so that the kitchen workers will be able to clock in the next day without any extra cleaning chores.

Our cleaners are also spot-checked by our trained supervisors to ensure that your commercial kitchen not only meets your high standards but also those set by the NEA (national environment agency). The result? A clean kitchen that you cook in without thinking about bacteria or contamination!

Good sanitation and strict adherence to cleanliness standards are a must when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning. Our cleaning staff are trained with proper standard operational procedures to clean cooktops, kitchen hoods, exhaust fans to every corner of the kitchen.

Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep cleaning is about doing a deeper, more detailed cleaning job that is needed in addition to everyday routine cleaning. There will always be a few hard-to-reach places that your everyday cleaning can never quite reach, whether due to lack of time or resources and equipment to get to hard to reach places.

Deeper cleaning of a commercial kitchen than scrub off your stoves and kitchen tops. Day&Night Services’ trained and professional cleaners will take care of hard cleaning tasks like:

  • Cleaning the insides of ovens and vents and cooking surfaces
  • Power washing floors, ceilings and hoods
  • Kitchen Hood cleaning
  • Kitchen Exhaust System cleaning
  • Scrubbing down hard to reach areas
  • Ovens (exterior and interior)
  • Stoves and cooktops
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Waste or Disposal Bins
  • Ventilation systems

The value of a clean kitchen is acknowledged to everyone who works in the food & beverage/service industry
restaurant kitchen hygiene kitchen table top cleaning kitchen floor cleaning deep cleaning kitchen

Cleaning Commercial Grills & Griddles

The grill or griddle is one of, if not the, most used appliances in a commercial kitchen. Handling the volume of cooking required to keep up with consumer demand means that grime will accumulate on grill surfaces, as well as on the sides and backs of the appliances. It’s recommended that commercial grills and griddles be cleaned at least once a day, especially if handling high volumes. This helps assure proper re-seasoning, reduces possible cross contamination and decreases stubborn grease stains.

Step 1. Get the griddle or grill hot and pour one cup of clean cooking or fryer oil onto the grill’s surface. Using a griddle brick or pumice stone, scrub in concentric circles until the grill is clean. Scrape the cooking oil into the grease trap and turn the grill off.
Step 2. While the griddle is still warm, pour one cup of club soda or seltzer water onto the surface. The carbonation present in club soda or seltzer water will help break up any stubborn grease deposits. Again, scrub the grill’s surface with your pumice stone or griddle brick in concentric circles and scrape off any of the remaining liquid or residue into the grease trap to be disposed of.
Step 3. Apply a half cup of vinegar to the grill surface and spread it evenly across the griddle, taking care to make sure that it doesn’t pool. Rub the grill surface with a rag in concentric circles and then scrape the remainder of the vinegar off of the grill surface into the grease trap for disposal. Vinegar’s acidic nature makes it excellent for lifting stubborn stains and deposits of grease that the club soda may not have removed in the previous step.
Step 4. Soak a rag in cooking oil and give the grill surface a good scrubbing; this not only polishes the grill surface, but it also ensures proper decontamination and re-seasoning of the grill. The sides and back of the grill are not impervious to stains, spills and buildup either and they’re often the most ignored surfaces when cleaning.
Pro Tip: Make sure to scrub the sides and back of your commercial grill and other appliances, with an eco-friendly cleaning product and rag. For particularly stubborn deposits or stains, use a combination of baking soda and water to create a paste. Spread the paste on the stain or deposit and then spray with vinegar. Scrub with a sponge or steel wool and wipe clean with a new towel or rag.

NEA Standards & Guidelines

All Food & Beverage operators in Singapore are required to abide by the guidelines of the National Environment Agency (NEA) in respect to the sanitation and food quality. The hygiene of eating places and places of food preparation is always the highest priority. Non-compliance can result in warnings, fines, suspension or a total closure of the business.

Other Kitchen Services We Provide

Dish Washing and Utensil Cleaning

Dishwashing is not limited to just plate washing but includes cutlery, pots, pans and other vessels used to cook food. Our cleaners from Day&Night Services ensure superior quality utensil cleaning and dish washing. From used plates and other cutlery to utensils used for cooking food and serving, our professionals will take care of all your cleaning services.

Cleaning of Kitchen Equipment

We not only provide dish and utensil cleaning but we also clean and sanitise your kitchen equipment such as gas burner stoves, grills, deep fryers, ovens, kettles, soup pots and other cooking equipment.

Washing and Mopping of the Premises

Apart from the cleaning and mopping of your restaurant premises with our professional services, we also include cleaning wall tiles to sinks, glass and tabletops, food storage spaces, chillers, refrigerators, dishwashers, air-con vents, fans and tubes.

General Housekeeping and Cleaning

Our services also include general housekeeping and cleaning services, including rubbish disposal, managing pests and rodents, maintaining safe distancing seating arrangements that are NEA compliant.
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