Covid-19 Office Cleaning Tips for the Singapore business


Covid-19 Office Cleaning Tips for the Singapore business

Why are we talking about this? Commercial cleaning is our focus, so it is important that when returning to the office after circuit breaker, you get better prepared. We’ve collected some of the most useful research to help you navigate your way through some of the common safety concerns as you reopen the office.

Let’s talk about the basics.

When everyone returns to the office, we might find ourselves thinking differently about the equipment and surfaces around us, reaching for a disinfecting wipe where we’d never give a second thought before.

While it’s fine to experience a little anxiety as we return to the office, it’s valuable to keep our common spaces healthy. Whether engaging in maintenance cleaning, or Ministry of health (MOH) advised disinfection for exposed spaces, office cleaning practices come down to the same basic fundamentals: The right equipment, a solid plan, and a team.

This office cleaning checklist will help you prepare the right materials for your cleaning routine, establish a work plan, and put it into practice in your office with the help from your team.

Use the right office cleaning process

While our reaction to the virus has been (understandably) to default to “disinfect everything,” in everyday situations the CDC recommends cleaning rather than disinfection. What’s the difference? In short:

• Regular cleaning is for routine health and wellness. Cleaning surfaces using an environment friendly cleaner or a simple soap-and-water solution can improve cleanliness by removing dust and dirt. This also physically removes germs by picking them up (either in a paper towel or cloth) to safely remove them.

• Disinfection, on the other hand, kills germs by means of a chemical process. The CDC recommends disinfection only when someone has been working in or visiting the office while carrying a contagious illness; it doesn’t have to occur for regular cleaning.

Note: If you need to disinfect, follow the CDC guidelines.

Also, in any cleaning or disinfection routine, it is important to read and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never mix cleaning agents. Doing so can be harmful or even fatal.

Prepare the right cleaning tools

Whether you are doing simple cleaning, deep cleaning, or disinfection, you’ll need a few basic items:

☐ Nitrile gloves (latex can cause allergic reactions in some people)
☐ Paper towels, or microfiber cloths (if you can wash and sanitize them after use)
☐ Green cleaning spray
☐ Disinfecting wipes, spray, or a correctly-diluted bleach solution
☐ Trash bags
☐ For disinfection: A properly-rated respirator mask and protective gown

Develop an office safety and health plan

1. Make a note of the traffic through certain areas of the office, and the ways in which space is used—or not.

2. Look through your office one area at a time, and note the high-touch areas in each. Some of the typical transmission vectors in spaces include:

• Tables and desks
• Counter tops
• Chair-backs
• Doorknobs
• Light switches
• Cabinet pulls and handles
• electronic and computer equipment
• Desk accessories such as staplers, tape dispensers, and pen-cups
• Digital touchscreens
• Light/electrical switches
• Elevator buttons

Pantry and break areas:
• Appliance handles and controls (fridge, toaster, oven, dishwasher)
• Fixtures
• Chair-backs at seating areas
• Water dispensers
• Coffee machines

Bathrooms and other areas:
• Bathroom fixtures (toilet handles, faucets, soap and towel dispensers)
• Waste-bins
• Door and stall handles
• Changing stations and convenience item dispensers

Conference and meeting rooms:
• Technology controls such as speakerphone buttons, remotes
• Televisions, touchscreens, and projectors
• Whiteboard accessories such as pens and erasers

Execute that office cleanliness plan

Following a regular cleaning and disinfection schedule for the office is the best way to maintain the hygiene of your work environment and the health of your colleagues.

While this will vary from office to office, a daily practice of cleaning high-touch areas, along with an intermittent practice of deep cleaning (including things like upholstery, window treatments, and carpets) and sanitizing surfaces can create a healthy environment year-round.

If you need assistance with developing or implementing an office cleanliness plan for your Singapore business, you should contact us.

Day&Night Services Private Limited are seasoned and licensed professionals in the area of Singapore commercial cleaning services. We will be happy to assist and guide you in this area.

Remember, having a proper office safety and health plan can easily improve your business productivity, all you have to do is to execute a proper plan, and you will not be disappointed!

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