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A clean office space is often a highly productive one. Small businesses in Singapore should ensure that the office space is clean and organized so that employees feel motivated at work. Good office sanitation is another important aspect of ensuring a clean environment for employees to work in Singapore.

Small businesses especially require the workplace to be organized as employees have to perform all the work and do not have the time to clean the office on their own. A clean work environment can not only boost the corporate reputation of the company but can also affect the client retention as well as staff recruitment. Everyone wants to work at a workplace which is clean and tidy. As employees spend most of their time at work, cleaning services are required by the company in Singapore.


Now, the first thing that comes into one’s mind when thinking about office cleaning is the cost of hiring office cleaning staff. Even though, it might seem costly to hire any cleaning staff, there are more advantages to hiring the services of cleaning staff which easily outweigh the costs.


There are various types of rates which are charged in Singapore, from the hourly rate for the cleaning service which is paid on a daily basis which may range from SGD 13-24. Other types of rates are as per the weekly cleaning schedule, the rate ranges from SGD 25 to 45, but it all depends on the scope of the work which is done and the number of hours which have been worked by the cleaning staff.

It is usually cheaper or more affordable to pay for monthly cleaning service which is why small businesses in Singapore should consider hiring the services on a monthly basis in order to save costs as resources are usually limited at a small business. Further, the cleaning service costs depend on the type of work which is required by the small business.

Generally, the more work one may require, the higher the costs of cleaning services. Negotiate with the cleaning service company beforehand in order to get a better rate for the work.


The scope of work done by the cleaning staff varies from company to company but generally there are certain tasks which are necessary of being done. In Singapore, the following general tasks are expected from the cleaning staff:


  • Vacuuming

The dirt and dust easily accumulates in an office as there are many employees who work at the organization as well as clients who visit the organization to buy the goods or services they need leading to the carpeted floor to become filled with dirt and dust. There are many tiny food particles which seep into the carpet or floor, making it necessary for the carpet or floor to be regularly vacuumed to ensure that the ground remains clean. The carpet is the ideal place for microorganisms to thrive which is why it needs to be vacuumed as often as possible. The cleaning staff will vacuum the ground to provide the business with clean floors or carpet.

  • Garbage Removal

Another necessary task which is required by every small or large organization throughout Singapore is to have the garbage removed on a daily basis. The cleaning staff will remove the garbage from the garbage bin and clean the garbage bin as well. The garbage will be removed at specific intervals. As the garbage accumulates every few hours, cleaning staff is required to clean the garbage bin every now and so. It will help ensure that the office smells pleasant.

  • Cleaning and Clearing of the Pantry

The pantry is an extension of the kitchen, it is where employees eat and make quick snacks making it the ideal place for bacteria to thrive and that is why the cleaning staff needs to regularly clean and clear the pantry to ensure that the space is completely clean.

As employees eat, food particles fall onto the ground and the cleaning staff will be required to keep the pantry clean.

  • Wiping Off Dust

Last but not least, the cleaning staff is required to wipe off dust from all the office furniture and electronics to create a clean and tidy environment for employees to work in. Employees spend the majority of their time on their desks and that is why the office furniture including employee desks need to be cleaned throughout the day. The cleaning staff will wipe off the dust regular after intervals.


There are some tasks which need to be done not as frequently as others which is why they need to be done on a year to year basis.

  • Marble Floor Polishing

One of the tasks, which is done on a yearly basis is marble floor polishing. The cleaning company will usually provide the company with specialized marble floor polishing cleaning staff in order to polish the marble floor using the latest equipment and chemicals. The cleaning company will charge extra for this as it is not included in the general tasks.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Another task which not done on a daily but rather a yearly basis is carpet cleaning which is why it is important to discuss with the cleaning company about the carpet cleaning service. The cleaning company will provide specialized carpet cleaning staff to clean the carpet in the office. The staff is skilled and will use the latest equipment such as special vacuums made to do the heavy lifting.


The cost and scope of work for office cleaning in Singapore has been discussed to enable your business to understand all the costs and scope involved. Be sure to engage a cleaning contractor that is licensed by the NEA. Click here to find out more about how Day&Night Services Private Limited can assist you in this area.

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