What to Look for in an Industrial Cleaning Company?


Cleanliness and disinfection are imperative in the maintenance of industrial facilities. The global health crisis has shaped the future of both industrial and commercial cleaning. Your business’s cleaning and disinfection practices could either grow your client base or drive off existing customers. But before knowing the good qualities of an industrial cleaning company, you should first understand the difference between industrial and commercial cleaning.

Industrial Cleaning vs. Commercial Cleaning

While these two terms are synonymous, they are not the same. Industrial and commercial premises have their share of cleaning challenges.

The gap widens according to the cleaning needs and the type of buildings that need cleaning.

Industrial cleaning tackles more than floor mopping and occasional carpet maintenance. It involves cleaning and disinfecting larger and hazardous areas, such as factories, laboratories, power plants, and warehouses. Services include decontamination, mould and lead removal, and combustible dust cleaning. This service can also consist of machinery maintenance. If you manage an industrial facility, industrial cleaning should be non-negotiable.

Commercial cleaning, as its name implies, is cleaning specific businesses undertaken by hired professional cleaners. It includes hotels, offices, medical facilities, sports and leisure areas, vents, and extraction units. It involves daily office maintenance and regular deep cleaning tasks. Businesses such as restaurants, storefronts, and care facilities could greatly benefit from commercial cleaning services.

Benefits of a Clean Industrial Facility

A clean and disinfected industrial site can determine your business’s success. Here are a few benefits that emphasise the importance of regular maintenance:

  1. Work Productivity – Due to a significant decrease in health hazards, your workers’ productivity level in work and confidence in not contracting any respiratory disease may increase significantly.
  2. Lowered risk of accidents and injuries – Since your facility is compliant with the health and safety standards, you can avoid accidents resulting in injuries.
  3. Reduced maintenance costs – Through regular maintenance of your industrial facility, repair costs can be avoided.

Good Qualities To Look For In An Industrial Cleaning Company

Ensuring your business facilities are clean and disinfected is no longer about hygiene. The lives of people rely on your wise choice of industrial cleaning services. Here are six qualities to look for in an industrial cleaning company:

  1. Technical Expertise – Since industrial facilities often contain complicated or heavy equipment and chemicals, these facilities require specialised cleaning. A good industrial cleaning company trains its professional cleaners to handle special equipment and chemical solutions, perform appropriate cleaning methods depending on the client’s facility, and know every building and business requirement.
  2. Having The Right Tools – There are specific and distinctive products for every service needed by a facility, such as cleaning solutions and specialised equipment. This quality links to the first. If the industrial cleaning company invests its resources in job training and safety knowledge, it is more likely that they are also well-invested in physical assets, which is usually the #1 strength of cleaning services.
  3. Nondisruptive Cleaning Process – The claim that the industrial cleaning company can work around your operations and not be disruptive can be a decisive factor. Imagine continuing the operations while having the cleaning done. This is time and cost efficiency in action.
  4. Compliant With Hygiene Standards – Take a good look if the industrial cleaning company mentions its adherence to industrial hygiene standards to protect the health and safety of you and your employees, as this should be one of the main priorities of any workplace. It should be able to monitor and analyse the client’s workplace to determine the exposure levels of industrial hygiene hazards.
  5. Flexible & Accommodative – A quality of an industrial cleaning company is the capability to adjust to clients’ times and situations. Check if they offer customizable services to meet clients’ needs. Not having to pick an unbusy day to accommodate the cleaning company’s schedule is an advantage to your business – maintenance during operations.
  6. Comprehensive & Large-Scale Services – One good indicator to selecting an industrial cleaning provider is to check if their offered services are comprehensive and extensive in scale. Industrial cleaning is not only limited to carpet and floor care, trash and mould removal, hydro blasting, and decontamination. Industrial spaces also involve machinery and heavy-duty production. Hence, the approach should also address large-scale machinery and equipment cleaning and disinfection needs.


Industrial facilities must be clean, safe, and secure working environments. To achieve this, your selected industrial cleaning company must possess all the qualities above.

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