Ways to Promote Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning in Singapore


With the rise of eco-consciousness and environmental awareness, consumers and clients alike want to provide support only to cleaning companies practising green solutions.

As a way to accommodate the shift towards a more sustainable behaviour, many commercial cleaning services providers in Singapore are encouraged to implement eco-friendly practices.

Using Microfibre Cloths

For practical reasons, companies have been using disposable paper towels to clean surfaces of all types. But, while they’re effective, they’re also incredibly wasteful. So, the best solution to reduce carbon footprints and landfill contribution is to switch to microfibre cloths.

Microfibre cloths are made with a mixture of synthetic materials like polyester, polyamide, and nylon. They’re durable and lightweight, making them an excellent alternative to paper towels.

Additionally, microfibre cloths are versatile, which means they work well for either wet or dry applications. The small fibres found in the fabric easily absorb liquids, dust, and dirt with ease and efficiency. After using this cloth, cleaners can reuse it for future applications. All they have to do is clean it with soap and water.

They dry quickly and are resistant to the growth of bacteria. Because of this, microfibre cloths are considered the best option for performing various cleaning tasks.

Recycling Paper Products

In instances where using disposable paper products is necessary, Singapore commercial cleaning services firms need to find ways to lessen their environmental impact. One way to do so is to find suppliers that make use of recycled materials.

Partnering with suppliers who produce new products from recycled materials is a concrete way of protecting the planet. Although using recycled paper products still creates waste, it’s an improvement from using conventional papers.

Using Refillable Bottles

Besides reducing paper consumption, commercial cleaning companies in Singapore also promotes the use of refillable bottles. Technicians generally use several different solutions, ranging from dusting cleaners, window cleaners, and floor solutions to disinfectants and all-purpose products.

Constantly purchasing individual bottles per solution will not only impact your budget but also consume excess water and plastic. So, an alternative solution is to buy solutions in bulk and use refillable bottles to transfer the products in portable containers. Doing so can save resources and significantly reduce the amount of waste.

Commercial cleaning companies can allocate a filling station where their cleaners can access their supply of cleaning solutions easily. Then, every time they need more solutions, all they have to do is go to the allotted stations and fill up their bottles. Once the bulk supply runs out, all they have to do is restock, and the same process continues. More than saving the planet, following this strategy will benefit the company’s finances and streamline business operations.

Disposing of Waste Properly

When it comes to sustainability, one of the biggest problems cleaning companies face is waste handling. On top of the establishment’s trash, the process of performing tasks generates a lot of waste, which all goes to the area’s landfill.

In Singapore, approximately 930 million kilograms of plastic waste are disposed of every year. 96% of which are non-recyclable.

While the National Environment Agency (NEA) is taking steps to properly manage solid waste moving forward, companies also have to do their part in disposing of their trash. Besides segregation, establishments can also make efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags. Small actions like these can make a difference in Singapore’s waste management.

Conserving Water

Water is a major component in the cleaning tasks. Many treatments, such as pressure washing, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, etc., make use of several gallons of water. Unfortunately, unlike other cleaning elements, water is something that cannot be replaced. The next best alternative is to find the latest technology that uses less water

For instance, when mopping floors, cleaning crews can utilise the flat mop system to effectively clean floors without wasting buckets of water. Making small adjustments like this can save water and improve efficiency in the long run.

Day&Night Services Practises Eco-Friendly Solutions

From the materials we use to the methods we execute, Day&Night Services is an advocate of green cleaning. We use only eco-friendly solutions approved by the NEA to ensure that our clients are safe from harmful chemicals. In doing so, we contribute to the sustainability efforts to protect the well-being of our environment.

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