Top 5 Industries that Need Commercial Cleaning in Singapore


There’s no doubt that every business across all industries requires regular commercial cleaning. However, there are specific industries that need it more than others due to higher foot traffic and activity rate. Additionally, these industries are more prone to contamination because they cater to the general public. Therefore, they require more attention when it comes to professional cleaning services.

The top five sectors that need commercial cleaning services in Singapore include the healthcare, food and beverage, hospitality, education, and corporate industries.

Healthcare Industry

This industry involves hospitals, medical facilities, and other healthcare centres that provide care for patients and ensure good health. Because of this, such establishments are most susceptible to germ and bacteria build-up. When this is left uncleaned, it can lead to the uncontrollable spread of the virus. 

More than that, having a filthy environment can cause more damage to the patients exposed to it. On top of bacteria and harmful pathogens, dirt, dust, and grime can trigger allergic reactions or respiratory problems. So, instead of being a safe sanctuary for sick individuals, unclean healthcare establishments become a health hazard. To avoid this, hygiene and sanitation must be a priority for this industry. 

Besides hospitals, facilities needing professional cleaning services include dermatology clinics, dental clinics, rehabilitation centres,  processing laboratories, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Food and Beverage Industry

Every food-related establishment requires regular cleaning, from fast-food chains to five-star restaurants. Since restaurants serve and store foods, they’re a prime destination for pests. 

Pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, and flies are some of the most common types associated with this industry. When these pests are found in a restaurant, they can contaminate the food and ruin the establishment’s reputation. 

One of the best ways business owners can prevent pest infestation is to engage a Professional Cleaning Service Provider in Singapore. 

Before the cleaners can execute their tasks, they first need to inspect the property and identify high pest-accessible areas. These are the areas they will target first. Then, they will move to ensure other sites are taken care of by performing routine cleaning tasks. Once they clean and treat all areas, they will monitor the situation to ensure the efficiency of their services.


Besides restaurants, the hospitality sector also needs regular services. Hotels, lodging sites, resorts, theme parks, event centres, bars, movie theatres, and clubs are some establishments that fall under this industry. 

These are leisure destinations that promote rest and relaxation. Therefore, their primary purpose is to make guests feel welcome, well-cared for, and comfortable. However, this is not possible to achieve if a place is messy and unmaintained. After all, no one would want to spend a night in a bug-infested hotel or a cluttered amusement park. 

So, to ensure client satisfaction, regular commercial cleaning is a must. In addition, this builds the hospitality sector’s image to retain loyal customers and attract potential clients. 

School and Education Institutions

Schools are another establishment that can get dirty easily, particularly those that accommodate younger students. Children are often messy and can leave behind a trail of dirt. Without daily maintenance and cleaning, the cluttered environment can impact not just their health but their productivity as well.

As germs accumulate on uncleaned surfaces, disease-causing bacteria can better thrive. Moreover, since schools are where people congregate, they can spearhead the spread of disease to countless households. 

For this reason, educational facilities must maintain high levels of cleanliness at all times, especially now that they are opening once more to welcome students back into their campuses.

Corporate Industry

Last but not least, the corporate industry must also pay attention to their cleanliness and hygiene. From private offices and banks to retail stores and malls, all businesses can benefit from regular commercial cleaning services. 

Apart from making a good first impression upon visitors, consistent cleaning can offer a safe environment for gatherings and social interactions. As a result, customers will feel more confident to engage in their business.


With the emergence of the Omicron variant, hiring a professional cleaning company in Singapore for these industries has become more critical now than ever before. After all, commercial cleaning is considered one of the best solutions to ensure everyone’s safety during these times. 

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