Signs of an Outstanding Commercial Cleaning Service


In the current environment, keeping the spaces where you spend the most time sparkling clean, organised, and hygienic is more crucial than ever. You want to get straight to business as soon as you enter the workplace. Moreover, the condition of your facilities reflects your business image and commitment. Whether you are already working with a commercial cleaning company or are thinking about engaging one, look for these signs.

Systematic Cleaning Approach

You may want to ask about their cleaning process. Most commercial cleaning companies follow a systematic approach to cleaning workplaces. They should be able to explain the proper steps in cleaning and sanitising your building. An established company is more likely to have a process for getting the job done.

Flexi-time and Specialised Ad Hoc Cleaning

A quality of an outstanding commercial cleaning company is the capacity to cater to the time requirements of its clients. Sometimes, a business needs kitchen cleaning or event cleaning only. It is also an excellent choice to go with cleaning companies that offer ad hoc cleaning. Remember, a commercial cleaning service that responds quickly and follows up on your inquiries is taking your company’s needs seriously. They understand the importance of a well-maintained working environment and are keen to assist you in creating one.

Consultative Client Relationship

Perhaps, you may be comfortable leaving all decisions up to the cleaning professionals, or you may have a couple of suggestions of how you think things should be. Either way, the right commercial cleaning company will offer information and recommendations on materials, supplies, or solutions best suited to your particular circumstances. They would encourage you toward the most beneficial and cost-effective strategies during the development of your maintenance contract.

Utilising Innovative Equipment

Choose a cleaning company that follows industry cleaning standards and utilises innovative cleaning technology to clean and maintain your workplace properly. Cleaning efficiency is improved with the application of up-to-date cleaning equipment. Among the trends in cleaning technology are revolutionary products, such as Biologic Active Tissue Paper. The new toilet paper technology prevents organic waste from clogging pipe systems.

So if you want to engage a commercial cleaning company and have at least one that uses innovative cleaning, you may inquire about them first and ask for a quote. At times, the slight difference in the cost makes the maintenance worth every penny.

Well-Treated Employees

Respect comes with treating employees well. Respected workers are motivated and produce high work quality. Your existing or prospective commercial cleaning company will have invested time to train employees suitably, ensuring their success in adhering to high cleaning standards. It will speak highly of its cleaning crews, resulting in employees at every level within the company taking great pride in their work.

Your Satisfaction Among All

It goes without saying that your satisfaction is at the top of your commercial cleaning company’s priority list. The right cleaning company would never sacrifice quality for quantity by rushing through an overbooked schedule, cutting corners, or utilising inferior cleaning equipment. They are efficient and thorough and ensure the use of safe and quality cleaning supplies. They explicitly show their understanding that your satisfaction is the success of their business and that an outstanding cleaning job performed for your company is essential to upholding their reputation.

How clean is a good clean?

There are also ways to self-check if your current commercial cleaning company has been doing its job well:

  • Run a microfibre cloth or a clean paper towel over any surface top to see if any dust or grime appears
  • Check door handles and ensure they look and feel clean
  • Do regular checks on communal areas
  • Look at every corner of the workspace and check if these areas were included
  • Are the washrooms properly cleaned and well-stocked?


If you have not still engaged in the services of a commercial cleaning company, make sure to choose one that checks the most boxes above, whom you will be able to have open and honest conversations with. On the other hand, if you are unhappy with the cleaning service your current cleaning company provides, you should have a conversation with them and make them aware of the issues you have. Also, an open conversation will give them the opportunity to put things right. Contact today a professional commercial cleaning team in Singapore that continually provides exceptional cleaning results – Day & Night Services.

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