Scope of Work and Cost of Office Cleaning Services in Singapore


Maintaining a clean work environment is essential for every business. Not only does it help your employees focus, but it also helps protect their health. But of course, with a busy schedule, it’s difficult to find time in the day to devote to cleaning. This is where office cleaning services come into play.

When looking for the right office cleaning services provider, many business owners are concerned with two major factors, mainly the scope of work and the cost. 

If you’re wondering what type of office cleaning services you require and how much they will cost, read on to find out. 

Scope of Work for Office Cleaning

In Singapore, office cleaners cover a wide range of cleaning services. In most cases, they perform comprehensive cleaning tasks to ensure that the office space receives all the cleaning it needs to uphold proper hygiene. While some tasks are carried out regularly, others can be done every 6 or 12 months.

Here are some of the office cleaning work that needs to be done on a regular basis:

  • Vacuuming: Floors are arguably the dirtiest surface in your office as it receives the highest foot traffic. Aside from the mud and dirt your employees and clients leave behind from the soles of their shoes; food particles can also be present on your floors. As such, regular vacuuming is essential to get rid of the microorganisms that have settled on the surface.
  • Dusting: This is necessary to remove dust and other particles from surfaces like desks and tables. But compared to vacuuming, this task may be a little tricker as it requires proper handling of equipment on your desks, such as desktop computers and office supplies. If dusting is done incorrectly, it may damage the equipment, which will result in costly repairs. For this reason, professional cleaners use the proper tools and techniques when cleaning valuable items.
  • Sanitising: This is another office cleaning task that has become integral in today’s time. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s important to keep your office sanitised to ensure the health of your employees. Although general cleaning removes surface dust and dirt, it does not destroy the deep-seated germs. Therefore, sanitation and disinfection are necessary to eradicate disease-causing bacteria on surfaces.
  • Pantry cleaning: As employees gather in the pantry, cleaning and sanitising the area is important. Office cleaners will wipe surfaces with cleaning solvents, organise the fridge, mop the floor, wash the basin and disinfect the entire area.
  • Disposing trash: After every working day, office cleaners will dispose of the trash to prevent foul smells and pest infestations.

On the other hand, here is a list of cleaning services that can be scheduled less frequently. Getting these services once or twice a year will suffice:

  • Upholstery cleaning: Furniture in your offices like chairs and couches require professional cleaning once a year to remove the stains and keep them in optimal condition. Getting this service will extend the lifespan of your furniture, so you can save on purchasing brand new replacements.
  • Marble floor polishing: Besides the daily requirement of vacuuming, you also have to polish your floors to keep them shiny.
  • Carpet cleaning: However, if your floors are carpeted, you will need to hire carpet cleaning services that deep clean the fibres of your carpet to remove dirt and bacteria build-up.

Cost of Hiring Office Cleaners

Whether you need one service or a full set, the cost of hiring office cleaning services in Singapore will vary depending on certain factors:

  • Scope of work
  • Number of cleaning hours per week
  • Size of office

As of 2021, the average hourly rate of office cleaning services can range from S$15 to S$35. The price can go up or down depending on your requirements. However, be sure to engage a cleaning contractor that is licensed by the NEA for peace of mind.


Every office is different and, as such, requires different cleaning methods. Aside from our general and annual cleaning services, we customise our cleaning plans to meet our clients’ needs. 

Enjoy hassle-free, convenient, and environmentally-friendly cleaning services that can boost employee morale and focus when you hire our office cleaning team. 

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