Preventative Cleaning: 8 Focus Areas To Preserve Your Assets


Studies show that high cleanliness levels correlate to higher productivity in working environments. Productivity then helps to motivate the workplace culture and boost morale, producing an even better company environment.

The National Environment Agency has a series of guidelines to ensure public cleanliness. There are various safety precautions and approved cleaning methods to comply with when working to deliver a five-star level of cleanliness in commercial spaces. Only commercial cleaning companies fully comply with industry cleaning standards.

Commercial cleaning ensures that your business looks pristine and clean while providing a safe environment for employees and clients. Also, the long-term results of keeping your space clean and well-maintained can save you an incredible amount of money due to asset preservation.

This article discusses the eight focus areas that require innovative and effective cleaning to preserve the space’s valuable assets.

#1 – Floor

Clean floors not only look neat but they improve people’s safety. Grit and grime can become a tripping danger if the floors are not well-maintained. Grits are small stone particles that can scratch the flooring’s surface, while grime is dust ingrained.

Floors are one of the most important assets of any commercial space. They need to be preserved for as long as possible. Some tips to keep commercial floors clean include:

  • Consistent mopping – This helps reduce the amount of accumulated dirt and keeps stains from setting into the floor. Correct mopping products make the floor substantially clean and shiny.
  • Frequent cleaning of equipment – The cleanliness of your cleaning tool is as important as the floors. Dirty cleaning equipment results in unsanitized floors.
  • Using floor mats – Most of the floor dirt and debris come through the front door. The amount of dirt and debris can be minimised using mats or rugs.

#2 – Kitchen

The most important features of a commercial kitchen are cleanliness and hygiene. Food taste and excellent customer service will not matter if your space has an unclean kitchen.

Kitchen utensils, tools, containers, and appliances can serve as spots for germs and bacteria if they are not sanitised regularly. Greasy and wet floors can lead to slip and fall accidents. Your business’s reputation may be affected because of an unpleasant kitchen condition.

Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen clean and sanitised:

  • Disinfect surfaces of the preparation area
  • Scrub surfaces of burners, flattops, and cooktops
  • Clean sinks
  • Clean refrigerator
  • Wash walls and ceilings to remove grease buildup
  • Wash rugs, towels, aprons, and uniforms in a washing machine
  • Disinfect waste disposal areas and trash bins
  • Clean floor and floor drain
  • Run cleaning chemicals through coffee machines
  • Clean and sanitise the freezer
  • Empty grease traps
  • Wash vent hoods

#3 – Window Glass and Mirrors

Regular cleaning of mirrors, aside from bringing new life to your glass surfaces, will provide them with a blemish-free appearance. This can extend their lifespan, making them as functional as a new one. No one wants to check their face, hair, exercise stance, or new outfit in a dirty mirror.

Another importance of regular glass cleaning is the prevention of degradation. When dirt particles make contact with glass pores, they will contaminate and corrode the windows. Evidence of this will be some light scratches and cracks. Unmaintained windows need a full replacement if they are no longer functional.

Window glasses and mirrors of commercial spaces would need the best cleaning solutions to be smudge- and speck-free.

#4 – Carpets

Dirty carpets trap dirt, debris, and disease-carrying microorganisms like a plain floor would. Carpeted floors have higher dust levels, fungal allergens, and pet mites than smooth and hard floors.

Do not underestimate the importance of properly-maintained carpets. They function as dust and dirt absorbents. Seek the help of professional carpet cleaners to maintain a hygienic workplace and extend your carpet’s durability.

#5 – Surfaces

Bacteria can reproduce rapidly on surfaces that you do not frequently disinfect. Like floors and carpets, surfaces accumulate high amounts of dust. The dust contains allergens that aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma. That is why it is important to engage a commercial cleaning company that keeps your business free of dust and debris.

#6 – Ceilings

Dust accumulates on ceilings, light fixtures, fans, and air vents. The dirt on these areas can be easily missed because it is not part of daily maintenance. Cleaning up your ceilings and nearby areas may seem simple, but high-level cleaning requires relevant training and specialised techniques to ensure safe bacterial removal. It can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming, so make sure to hire trusted experts in commercial cleaning.

#7 – Specialised Rooms

Clinics and salons are ‘high use, specialised rooms’ due to the number of people walking in and out daily. Maintaining a high standard of hygiene is essential for protecting you and your clients. Hence, work surfaces in these rooms should be regularly kept clean to avoid cross-contamination. The facilities used in these businesses are assets that need to be preserved for as long as possible. As such, you will need a company that uses innovative cleaning technology to clean and maintain your space properly.

#8 – External & High Use Areas

Churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues are also places where large numbers of people congregate. They require higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Also, external areas and high touch points where people sit or touches, such as railing, pews, door knobs, and outdoor seats, need frequent cleaning and disinfection because of the danger of cross-contamination. Maintenance of these specified facilities can be handled appropriately by a talented team of commercial cleaners, resulting in asset longevity.


With these commercial areas properly acknowledged as critical zones for cleaning and disinfecting, you are now ready to choose the right cleaning company for your commercial space.

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