Innovative Trends in Commercial Cleaning That Benefits Businesses


Cleaning practices have been advancing fast since the outbreak of the global pandemic. They will likely continue evolving even during the post-pandemic times. Due to increased reliance on technology, automated cleaning equipment, and enhanced artificial intelligence systems integration, cleaning processes have become more innovative.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is an eco-friendly approach to commercial cleaning. It aims to avoid using harsh and potentially hazardous cleaning solutions and unsafe cleaning methods. There are numerous reasons why your business should consider turning to eco-friendly cleaning services.

Traditionally, conventional cleaning products and tools that may contain dangerous chemicals. Although it may fulfill its job in cleaning surfaces, the harsh chemicals from such cleaning products could cause irritation, illness, and other harmful side effects. By switching to a commercial cleaning company that uses green cleaning, you lower the risk of health problems and increase the productivity levels of your employees.

Cleaning Robots

Automated cleaning has become a game-changer in the cleaning industry. Automated robot vacuums are smart and compact machines programmed to work automatically in a space.

The rise in automated cleaning solutions means less reliance on large commercial cleaning teams who may need to work together in close proximity. Human resources can be allocated to areas that cannot be covered by automated cleaning. As commercial space is now used more sparingly and efficiently, its relevance is likely to continue increasing post-pandemic.

Using cleaning robots enables the cleaning company to reduce labour costs and pass on the cost saving to businesses. In addition, the cleaning robots will be able to perform cleaning at higher intervals, resulting in cleaner outcomes for the premises.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of computing devices via the Internet. This technology, like surveillance systems, thermostats, and other app-controlled devices, has become increasingly popular. IoT technology can help a business reduce trash and improve maintenance control.

Efficient trash disposal could be formulated to monitor waste. Internet-connected trash bins can communicate fill levels, temperature, and location. The right systems can also alert you of leaks, clogs, and the overuse or underuse of materials. This automation saves time, preventing unnecessary pickups and sending cleaning and supplies only when required.

The Internet of Things also enables advanced monitoring capabilities so one can remotely track cleaning progress in real-time. It can also help in quickly identifying and resolving changes in performance trends. IoT working hand-in-hand with cleaning robots can produce consistent and predictable results.

Autonomous cleaning machines run by IoT can perform planned and reactive tasks and optimise the use of water, detergent and energy, ensuring excellent cleaning performance. The technologies promoted by the Internet of Things will certainly support the development of many commercial cleaning activities as cleaning companies dynamically adapt to technological advancement.

Bioactive Toilet Papers

Bioactive toilet paper (BATPs) is made to eliminate unpleasant odours while cleaning the pipes, drains, and septic tanks. It is packed with good bacterial stains that get activated once soaked in dirty water, degrading organic matter and reducing purging operations. It is a perfect eco-friendly alternative to regular toilet paper, is completely safe for humans, and does not cause skin irritations or infections. BATPs can significantly reduce sewage maintenance costs when used regularly. Business owners also spend less money buying chemicals and deodorisers to keep sewage systems intact. This type of toilet roll saves you money in the long run by preventing blockages in your pipes.

UV-C Disinfection Technology

UV-C rays destroy the molecular bonds that hold the DNA of bacteria and viruses, including superbugs. UV-C disinfection is not new. But since the outbreak of the global health crisis, it has resurfaced to fight against infection. It will continue to become an essential technology to manage hybrid working conditions, where efficient desk sharing was devised to maximise the work quality of employees. Chemically treating any commercial space can be costly and not as effective as alternative cleaning methods. UV-C disinfection technology can improve cleanliness levels in your workspace by effectively eliminating harmful microorganisms on surfaces, water, air, and food products.


Commercial cleaning companies have constantly sought to apply the latest proven innovations in their customer services and business operations to ensure a clean and safe working environment. Day&Night Services offers up-to-date and innovative cleaning techniques to keep your commercial space in optimal condition.

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