Industrial Facility Safety: Mistakes To Avoid


Whether new to the industry or an old stager, you may still end up making numerous mistakes while running your business. The industrial sites must also be given the same sanitary attention as the main facilities. There are challenges and safety risks in cleaning around heavy equipment, metal shavings, fibreglass, and paint that you might be able to prevent by knowing some common mistakes in maintaining the safety of your industrial facility.

Lack of emergency planning

Managers and business owners do not think and plan about industrial mishaps and their impact on a business until they happen. The main reason may be budgetary. This explains why emergency planning is usually kept on the back burner. Lives will be at stake if you do not do something to keep abreast of the procedures or the available tools. Emergency management involves the incorporation of various factors, such as planning, preparation, and training. You must establish a chain of command and formulate a system that identifies the staff for a particular situation, their exact roles, and what equipment must be used. You may also consider procuring tools and equipment, such as fire-resistant materials and electrical connections for temporary generators. It is essential to plot all schemes and mitigating procedures before imminent danger takes place. This is where the services of an industrial cleaning company are deemed crucial. Industrial firms that handle hazardous waste should always have an emergency response plan stipulating the need for an industrial cleaning company. It aims to minimise dangerous waste contaminants while maintaining your facility’s cleanliness so your team can safely and immediately resume operations.

Improper storage of hazardous chemicals

Improper storage practices can increase the risk associated with specific chemicals, especially those that are reactive, corrosive, and flammable. Some concerns on storage include the use of inappropriate, loosely covered, or leaking containers and the storage of incompatible chemicals next to one another. Business owners and managers must ensure that all containers are correctly labelled and that spills and leaks are not present in storage facilities. Next, you need to confirm if the storage areas are designed for the potential hazards in the facility. You must segregate the chemicals from incompatible materials, ensure the protection of containers from physical damage, and provide spill response and fire protection based on the potential hazards. Engaging an industrial cleaning firm can help you be aware of the hazardous chemicals and which storage materials suit them best for the safety and protection of the people inside the facility.

Not cleaning up spills immediately

Spills are not rare occurrences, even with secure storage solutions, proper handling, and a prudent spill program in place. Delayed spill containment indicates a significant problem as it increases the magnitude of potential damage to humans, the workplace, and the environment. Hence, an immediate and safe response plan is vital in minimising the impact of a chemical spill. You must be swift in understanding the severity of a spill and assessing the safety of the spill site. By doing so, the area in which a hazardous spill can be evacuated immediately. You must also know when to call for fire and medical personnel, like if a spill is too large to be treated with standard chemical clean-up kits. As the head of the facility management team, you should promptly initiate standard clean-up procedures for incidental spills. Other considerations include the use of PPE equipment and a spill kit to contain a certain spill. Your spill response plan must also include the involvement of an industrial cleaning company as your emergency personnel, as their team has the relevant experience and proper equipment to contain and address a chemical spill safely.

Lack of staff and progressive training

Business owners and managers often believe they have full control of a certain situation. Staff counts are frequently kept low due to budgetary constraints. This might work short-term, but if key staff are not available for process improvements, maintenance, training, or emergency management. Managers may educate the staff but may forget to provide additional training in the future. Process improvements necessitate a higher level of competence, while technological and industrial changes require continuous and progressive staff education. It is a grave mistake to think that one has reached the highest level of knowledge, particularly in today’s environment of rapidly evolving technology.

Outdated analytical tools

Lastly, another mistake is missing out on the latest analytical and planning tools. There is a large pool of widely available computerised maintenance management systems and other software for facility management. Manufacturers help implement these systems and educate building staff and managers on how to use them properly. Pre-defined checklists and insights about what you need to do are also available in the software. They can help implement critical aspects of your plan, assist with the planning process, and report on current metrics. As a business owner or manager, do your best not to miss out on these state-of-the-art tools.

How an Industrial Cleaning Service Can Help

If a particular product requires the use of chemicals, you want to make sure spills and waste products are correctly managed. This also ensures the safety of your workers as the industrial cleaning firm has trained staff and the proper equipment to clean and move the machinery and chemicals. For instance, if you forget to keep your dry metal goods away from moisture, professional cleaners can help you devise and implement comprehensive storage, production, and contingency plans so that industrial issues may be avoided (e.g., corrosion, cross-contamination, and more). Whether you lack staff, fall short in training them, forget to clean up spills immediately, or improperly store hazardous chemicals at times, you will need the efficient and skillful service of industrial cleaning professionals to address most of these problems without struggle.


In addition to acknowledging and rectifying the mistakes mentioned above, you may want to secure your industrial facility’s safety by engaging an industrial cleaning company. Professional cleaners ensure the integrity and longevity of your equipment, safeguard your and your employees’ health, and reduce the risk of workplace dangers like slips and falls.

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