Different Industrial Cleaning Services and Solutions You Need to Know


Due to the complex nature of industrial facilities, they require other cleaning services apart from general deep cleaning and disinfection. The services may differ depending on the purpose of your facility, the equipment you have, and the substances you carry. This article will take you through the various cleaning tasks and solutions you need to know to promote a clean, safe and healthy environment.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning in Singapore refers to cleaning hazardous areas in an industrial facility, such as a power plant, factory, pharmaceutical production facility, or warehouse. These involve the following tasks:



Decontamination is the process of neutralising or completely removing contaminants in the facility that have spread to the personnel or the equipment.

While the cause of contamination cannot be pinpointed on one component, it is often a result of accidents like dangerous chemical spills. In such cases, you need to immediately call professional industrial cleaning services providers in Singapore to enforce a decontamination plan.

A decontamination plan should include the following steps:

  • Identifying the contamination sites;
  • Determining the necessary decontamination equipment;
  • Proposing the appropriate methods;
  • Establishing preventive procedures and;
  • Properly disposing of contaminated objects.

Generally, the plan takes into account four major constituents, such as:

  • Contact time, which refers to the extent to which an object or a person is exposed to the contaminants;
  • Concentration, which refers to the level of contamination;
  • Temperature, which refers to the hotness or coldness of an area that may impact the effects of the contamination on an area, and;
  • Physical state of wastes, which refers to the viscosity of the contaminant.

Mould Removal

Another essential service you need to know is mould removal. Apart from chemical spills, industrial facilities are also prone to moulds, such as Cladosporium and Aspergillus.

Moulds come from tiny spores that float through the air. When they land on wet surfaces or are exposed to high levels of moisture, spores can transform into a mould. When this happens, it can trigger health issues like asthma, fatigue, itching, and other allergic reactions.

When moulds begin to appear on either your equipment, products, or interiors, it’s crucial to get mould removal services. Through this, expert cleaners will conduct air and mould testing and apply a removal process to eliminate any traces of moulds on the premises.

Lead Removal

Lead is a natural metal prominent in many industrial settings, especially in automotive, construction, wholesale trading, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical facilities.

Improper production, maintenance, use, and disposal of lead can lead to unsafe exposure to the substance. When this happens, severe conditions such as anaemia, brain and kidney damage, and even death can occur. So, lead removal is important to avoid these incidents.

During a lead removal process, your service provider will use NEA-approved chemicals to break down the lead and its other derivatives from the coating to effectively remove toxic substances. As a result, you can safeguard your facility and the health of your employees.

Combustible Dust Cleaning

In cases where you operate in a dust-prone area or your equipment releases a large amount of dust in the air, you may need to consider getting combustible dust cleaning services.

When dust is released into the air under specific conditions and at the right concentration, it can become explosive. Because of this, improper handling of dust can lead to injuries, property damage, and deaths.

Through combustible dust cleaning, cleaning technicians will vacuum the dust particles and spray down a protective foam to minimise the chances of combustion and properly protect the facility.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Depending on the service you require, the cleaners can make use of various cleaning solutions, like:

Solvent-based Solutions

This type of solution uses chemicals that are either acidic or alkaline as a primary ingredient. Because of this, they’re mostly used to disinfect and break down harmful substances on various surfaces.

Water-based Solutions

On the other hand, water-based solutions use water as the main ingredient and work best to remove stains, waxes, surface dirt, and greases on any surface.


Detergents are a more concentrated variant perfect for cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas and tough surfaces.


Among these, abrasives are the most potent solutions used for scrubbing and cleaning hard-to-clean dirt and grime off of floors and other facades. Unfortunately, because of this, they’re prone to breaking and scratching surfaces like steel and plastic. That’s why significant care is required when using this solution.

Get the Industrial Cleaning Services You Need

Knowing what industrial cleaning services and solutions are available in the market can help you determine what you need to optimise your facility. With this guide, you can make better decisions to enhance the efficiency and safety of your property.

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