Common Office Cleaning Habits You Have Been Doing Wrong


The state of your workplace has a massive effect on your mental health, affecting the health and safety of everyone. An untidy office place can negatively impact your work output. Here are significant benefits of an organised and clean workspace on mental health:

  • Boosted concentration. Clutter on the desk is a distraction and prevents you from focusing on the work at hand. A decluttered worktable puts you in a better mood, making you more focused.
  • Enhanced mood. A clean and organised workstation reflects a professional workplace. If you feel uncomfortable with all the mess you see, spring cleaning might help you enhance your mood to work. Develop a system to organise and maintain your space clean. This way, it will be easy for you to get immersed in work.
  • Increased productivity. You will be more efficient as fewer things get in your way, helping you be more productive. An organised workspace lets you work immediately instead of constantly pushing and piling items on the table.
  • Reduced stress levels. Work can be a significant stressor even on your best days. One way to manage stress is to improve your work environment. A clean and organised workspace is surprisingly effective at reducing stress levels, as mess and clutter would not be an additional contributor.
  • Improved optimism. Cleaning your workspace allows you to move around a bit, especially when you spend most of your day sitting at a desk. Your body and mind get the exercise you need, increasing mental and physical energy to get you through the day.

Common Cleaning Mistakes in the Office

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) cleaning can be both helpful and terrible. Here are some cleaning mistakes you have probably been making.

Mistake 1: Dry Dusting

Using a dry cloth to dust surfaces not only creates static charges that attract more dust particles but also scratches furniture and tabletops’ surfaces. For best results, you can try using damp cloths when dealing with a thick dust layer or a microfiber cloth to collect and hold all particles from the surface.

Mistake 2: Not Putting The Bins Out

This is another cleaning mistake that is overlooked by offices, even by the employees. Food waste in the trash bin can attract pests, like cockroaches and rats. It may result in an unhygienic workplace, so always empty the office bins regularly. The location of garbage bins is also essential to ensure litter is not left anywhere.

Mistake 3: Cleaning Only Visible Areas

Efficient and effective office cleaning requires an exhaustive effort to clean and organise every section. Plenty of areas that accumulate dust, dirt, and grime, including the undersides of tables, spaces under furniture, and the in-between spaces of window blinds. You might attract bacteria, fungi, and viruses to thrive in your workspace if you don’t keep every office space clean and disinfected. It could result in increased employee sick days, which is not beneficial to the company.

Mistake 4: Scrubbing Wet Stains

If your office has carpeted flooring, you should stop scrubbing liquid spills and spots, such as coffee, ink, or grease. Doing so can untwist and damage the fibres or cause the spill to go deeper and wider into the fibre. You can place a paper towel over the stain to absorb as much liquid as possible. Then, you can apply a carpet cleaner. If you encounter stubborn stains, get professional help.

Mistake 5: Incorrect Use of Cleaning Tools

Cleaning products are made of various chemical components. You need to read the ingredients before using them. Some ingredients in the cleaning product can damage surfaces of furniture and tabletops. As such, they may also contain fumes that are toxic to your health.

Mistake 6: Occasional Bathroom Cleaning

Office bathrooms, when neglected, omit a strong and foul odour. It is also the primary breeding space for germs and bacteria. Ensure that the toilet every client, employee, and guest uses is a comfortable space for health necessities.

Mistake 7: Irresponsible Water Usage

Using too much water on the floor or the carpet while cleaning the office means it will also take long before it dries. Excessive water use can cause accidents and cause metallic items to rust. When contacting open wires, water can lead to electrical shock. Regulate the amount of water to use in cleaning. If possible, dampen only the cloth used in dusting. Squeeze the excess water during floor mopping.

Mistake 8: Employee Dependence

There is nothing wrong with asking employees to keep the office clean. But, being an employer, expecting more from your employees, such as dusting and thorough cleaning of sensitive areas, is not good. Thus, it is recommended that you expect only essential cleanliness from them and acquire help from an office cleaning service company.

Mistake 9: Rushed Cleaning

The same amount of care as your stay hours in the office must be given with regard to cleaning the working environment. Rushed cleaning leaves some spots uncleaned and improperly disinfected. A partially cleaned office space conveys a bad impression to leads and existing customers.

Doing Your Zone vs. Doing Your Job

As an employee, you must discuss your job role in the company and ensure that office cleaning is not part of your job expectations. Of course, you need to maintain your personal space clean and neat, but that does not mean you become the office cleaners.


The cleaning mistakes and concerns stated above can only be solved when the business or corporation acquires professional office cleaning services. Day&Night Services, an office cleaning service provider in Singapore, employs experts in the industry to execute effective office cleaning and disinfection services.

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