Commercial Cleaning Services for Banks and Other Financial Institutions


Every bank and financial institution has to maintain a certain level of cleanliness for two main reasons. Hygiene plays an essential role in making the facility safe for employees and customers.

Another benefit is maintaining the institution’s professional image, which improves its credibility and trustworthiness. As a result, banks in Singapore must hire trustworthy commercial cleaning providers regularly.

There are several key components involved in cleaning financial institutions professionally. These include the following:

After-Hours Cleaning

There’s seldom any cleaning done inside the bank during work hours to minimise disruption to daily operations.

Because of this, most of the professional cleaning happens after business hours. The tasks involved include mopping the floors, disinfecting all areas thoroughly, and polishing the floors. Since there are no longer customers or staff members on the premises, the commercial cleaning team can navigate around the establishment without any hindrance. Hence, they can accomplish their tasks as efficiently as possible.

High Traffic Area Maintenance

Many banks and prominent financial institutions encounter many customers every day. Unfortunately, their facilities are exposed to fast bacteria build-up and possible contamination. So, to preserve the hygiene and cleanliness of the space, it’s essential to schedule routine cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaners must identify high-touch and high-traffic areas and perform their tasks more frequently, like ATMs, cashiers, countertops, and waiting areas. Besides these, floors also need intensive cleaning as people who come and go can bring dirt, dust, and other pathogens inside the bank premises.

Constant sweeping, mopping, and polishing are essential for marble or tile floor banks. For carpeted floors, vacuuming and steaming the carpets regularly is a must. Applying these methods will remove surface-level dirt and deep-seated target grime stuck within the carpet fibres and tile grouts.

Regular Glass Cleaning

Many financial buildings in Singapore have large glass panels surrounding the facade. They also have glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows to promote transparency and openness. But as much as this design trend offers a modern flair, glass is also relatively high maintenance.

They accumulate dust and get dirty quite quickly. Even the tiniest speck can be highly noticeable to customers and passersby. When this happens, it can impact the bank’s aesthetics. That’s why it’s recommended that bank facilities wipe glass panels at least once a day. If necessary, they can schedule more frequent glass cleaning. This usually happens during rainy and extremely windy days as soil, dirt, and dust gets flown around and stuck on the glass.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Germs and bacteria can also seep into the fabrics of the bank’s furniture. While it may not seem evident at first, if the institution’s couches and seating areas remain uncleaned over long periods, they can start to change colour and may even develop molds.

This will impact the professional image of the institution and everyone’s health. Dirty furniture can breed bacteria and deteriorate indoor air quality. In such cases, allergic reactions and respiratory conditions can arise. To prevent this, hiring professional upholstery and furniture cleaning services regularly is essential.

Addressing Important Areas in the Bank

Hiring commercial cleaning services in Singapore can also help institutions maintain cleanliness in specific areas in the bank, like:

  • Restrooms: Keeping the facility’s restrooms presentable and sanitary is vital to enhance the company’s overall prestigious image and reduce the risk of spreading bacteria. They should be cleaned at least two to three times a day.
  • Teller Stations: As the area where employees interact with customers, teller stations need to be organized and clutter-free by wiping the surfaces regularly throughout the day.

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