7 Tips to Find the Right Office Cleaning Services Provider in Singapore


There are many benefits to having a clean office. For one, it can make you feel more productive and focused. It can also help you create a better working environment for your employees.

The importance of finding the right office cleaning services is crucial. Many companies even spend a significant amount of money on office cleaning services.

It can be challenging to select the right service provider. Hence, we’ve listed 7 qualities of a good office cleaning service to look for when selecting a cleaning agency.

Qualities of a Good Office Cleaning Service

A professional cleaning service can handle all your office cleaning needs to ensure that you are not spending your business hours on maintenance tasks. They also offer other services like moving furniture, deep cleaning, disinfection, and even pest control.

  • Check reviews and testimonials online

Reviews and testimonials are valuable to understanding a company. They provide insights into what previous clients think of their cleaning services.

While many companies offer cleaning services, some are better than others. Researching and reviewing feedback will help you find the right company to suit your needs and budget.

You should go for a company with a good reputation and has been around for a long time. This will prevent any dissatisfaction and unnecessary costs before hiring them.

  • Compare quotes

Price quotes from cleaning services can vary depending on the provider, location, and time of year. Some services may be cheaper than others, but it is essential to compare them before engaging the service.

The price quotes are based on different factors, such as the number of rooms in an office, how long it will take to complete the service, and the scope of work required. Cleaning services that require special skills or certification will cost more than regular services.

  • Get recommendations from other business owners

This is where the recommendation of a cleaning service comes into play. Business owners can get suggestions from other business owners about which cleaning service to use.

You can also get recommendations from people who have had a similar experience with the service. This is handy for those who don’t know what to expect when hiring a specific type of cleaning service.

  • Check their service options

Cleaning services offer different services, including cleaning windows, dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming. These companies provide a wide range of services at affordable rates so that people can focus on their work.

While the market is saturated with companies offering cleaning services, find one that provides reliable service and good customer support at an affordable price.

  • Validate their insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is vital in any business, especially when it comes to cleaning services. But unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover damages from accidents resulting from faulty or negligent behaviour.

Review reimbursements related to property damage. This includes items like furniture, appliances, and carpeting.

A company must thoroughly evaluate this section of any cleaning services policy. It can help protect you from financial loss and liability in the future.

  • Evaluate their customer service

Customer service is an important factor in deciding to engage a cleaning company. A good cleaning company should be responsive and helpful. They must be knowledgeable of the processes and are able to recommend services based on the customer’s needs.

Determining how quickly they respond to urgent concerns can be handy in case of emergencies.

  • Gauge their flexibility

Check if they can provide services in the morning or on weekends, or even on a specific time frame during the day.

Flexible cleaning companies offer customised services, like a one-time clean or a regular bi-weekly service.

Consider companies that offer customised cleaning solutions based on your needs and budget. Check whether they have the necessary skills to provide you with the quality of service you deserve.


A clean workspace means better productivity. Therefore, it is important to find a cleaning service provider that offers high-quality service at competitive rates. At Day&Night Services, we offer customisable plans that can meet your every cleaning need to ensure complete client satisfaction.

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