7 Office Cleaning Tips for Chinese New Year 2022


Based on the Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese New Year signals the end of the winter solstice and marks the beginning of spring. It signifies a fresh start for all Singaporeans, a time for spreading prosperity and positivity. 

To achieve this, you need to clear your slate by detoxifying negativity and clutter from your system. But besides cleansing your soul, you also need to clean your surrounding environment to invite good energy. 

That said, here are seven office cleaning tips you can use to prepare for the new year:

Clean the windows

Cleaning windows is an essential task when preparing for the Chinese New Year. Much like other surfaces, windows collect moisture, dirt, and grime that can impact indoor air quality. So, leaving them uncleaned will affect your office aesthetics as well as your employee’s health. 

That said, make sure to hire the Best Office Cleaning Services in Singapore to properly clean the windows for you.

Clean your keyboards

It’s easy to overlook cleaning keyboards when you have other larger tasks to pay attention to. However, in order to ensure a deep clean for the Chinese New Year, you need to consider the details. 

Dust and dirt can collect in the crevices of your keyboards that can not only affect its optimal function but can also allow bacteria to thrive. As such, it’s important to wipe down the surface of the boards and dust the keycaps individually. After which, be sure to disinfect them thoroughly to prevent germ build-up. 

Dust light fixtures

Another office item that seems to be overlooked is the lighting. For one, they usually hang on ceilings, so people easily forget about them during cleaning sessions. For another, the fixtures are typically hard to reach, so they’re often disregarded.

Before the New Year, be sure to clean the light fixtures by wiping them down with a wet cloth. Accomplishing this simple step is essential to provide total purification to your space. 

Vacuum books and folders

Besides obvious surfaces, books and folders also collect dust and dirt over time, especially when they’re left untouched for long periods. 

More than dust, however, you also might encounter mould growth and termite infestations if you leave documents uncleaned. That’s why dusting them before the New Year starts is essential to remove air pollutants in your work area.

Apart from manual dusting, you can also opt to vacuum the files to give them the deep cleaning they need. 

Sort desk drawers

One crucial tip to cleanse your surroundings is to sort your desk drawers. They tend to be one of the most cluttered areas in the office as they store personal items and office accessories of all kinds. While some of them are useful, others may be useless. 

To sort your drawers, first, remove all items inside. Then, wipe the interiors to get rid of dust build-up and particle debris.

With all the items out, determine which ones you need and which ones you don’t. When doing this task, you need to have a clear and objective mind to make the most practical decisions. 

Once you’ve sorted them out, be sure to wipe down all the items you’re keeping before placing them back in the drawer. 

Redefine clutter

Although many cleaning guides would tell you to dispose of items you don’t need to achieve a clean space, it’s not the only way to declutter. Instead, why not re-evaluate unnecessary things and see if they can be reused or repurposed. If not for your own use, then perhaps for someone else.

Rather than throwing them away, you can choose to donate them to local organisations or send them to recycle centres to lessen negative environmental impact and help support Singapore’s movement towards becoming a Green Nation.

In some cases, you might also want to consider selling unused items on online platforms like Carousell to make additional revenue sources. 

These decluttering alternatives are excellent options to contribute to social and economic growth, perfect for the Chinese New Year.

Disinfect surfaces

After cleaning all aspects of your office, the final step is to disinfect. Whether you choose to spray a disinfectant solution or install UV lighting, disinfection is imperative to keep viruses away and protect the well-being of your employees. 


Chinese New Year is all about embracing a fresh start, a clean slate. So, welcome the New Year in the office without the stress of bacteria and clutter. 

To help you achieve optimal cleanliness, engage with professional office cleaning services like Day&Night Services. Our team of experts can perform various cleaning tasks to ensure that your workplace is spic and span in time for this important occasion. 

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