5 Cleaning Tips for Chinese New Year 2022


Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and you’re probably busy preparing for the festivities right now, from getting your work sorted out to buying party essentials like food and decorations. But despite your busy schedule, you also need to prioritise cleaning the office in time for the holiday. 

In fact, preparing your office by cleaning the space is imperative to invite prosperity and positivity. So to help you with the task ahead, here are some helpful tips you can follow.

Plan out cleaning tasks and create a checklist

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with Chinese New Year preparations, but you need to overcome that. One way to do so is to develop an effective plan and create a checklist.

A cleaning plan and checklist can help you stay on top of your responsibilities by getting things done in time. While these will depend on your office’s unique design, your plan should still focus on the following areas:

  • Entryway or reception
  • Office cubicles and meeting rooms
  • Washrooms
  • Breakroom or kitchen
  • Storage area

After dividing the office into different areas, you can further specify the tasks for each room. This will form your cleaning checklist

For the reception area, your checklist can include the following tasks:

  • Clean and wipe the doors and glass panels.
  • Have the carpet professionally cleaned and vacuumed
  • Wipe the reception counter with disinfectant solution
  • Sanitise and disinfect the phones, computers, and other high-touch appliances

For the kitchen and breakroom, it can look something like this:

Creating a checklist can be tedious and time-consuming, so you have to make sure not to leave it until the very last minute.

Start small

As tempting as it is to get the job done immediately, it’s more effective to do it in phases. Rushing your cleaning will only lead to substandard results. That’s why it’s recommended to start small. 

Begin by doing the tasks that are easy to accomplish, like cleaning out your desk or wiping down surfaces. Taking out the simplest tasks first will give you more time to allocate for bigger and more complex responsibilities. 

In addition, stick to cleaning one room before moving on to the next. This will keep you in line with your plan and ensure that you leave nothing out. 

Make use of organisers

When addressing your documents and other office items, one tip is to make use of organisers. These are available in any office store and come in a variety of options.

Though simple, organisers can make a whole lot of difference in your office. No longer do you have to worry about scattered papers, misplaced documents, or messy surroundings. With these in hand, you can arrange your items in the most systematic way possible. Plus, it just makes everything look neat. 

That said, be sure to keep organisers handy for cleaning your office.

Dispose of unnecessary items

While organising your things, you may find items that you no longer need. So rather than storing them in your desk drawer, why not dispose of them altogether?

Keeping them will serve no other purpose than to add clutter to your life. However, if you don’t want to throw them away, a better alternative is to think of ways to reuse and repurpose them. For instance, rather than disposing of old furniture, you can have them reupholstered to upgrade its aesthetic and improve your office appearance. 

In terms of small accessories like paper clips and cable ties, you can choose to reuse them for future purposes instead of throwing them away. Doing so can contribute to your supplies without incurring additional costs. Aside from that, it would be a more sustainable choice.

So, before throwing anything away, take the time to evaluate the item. Repurposing or reusing specific office equipment can help you save on costs.

Keep cleaning supplies handy

Office cleaning is often a demanding task. That’s why it’s important to find strategic ways to make everything easier. One way to do so is to keep cleaning supplies within reach. By giving your employees easy access to cleaning materials, you can increase their efficiency. 


If you require further assistance, engaging with office cleaning services will benefit you. They have a team of experienced cleaners who can thoroughly clean various areas of your office simultaneously, giving you more time to dedicate to other tasks. 

Day&Night Services offers top-notch office cleaning services in Singapore so your workplace can receive the highest quality deep cleaning in time for the holiday. 

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